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Updated - 04/05/2017

2017 Season KTS Trail Information

NH Trail Conditions Info and Updates from NH Trails Bureau -  Click Here

The Storm of 2/25/2017 Has caused trail damage and numerous trees to be down across the trail system..

Our Trail System has closed for the season. Numerous trees from both storms made late season grooming very slow having to clear trees off trails. USE CAUTION ! Report trail issues to the club ASAP via email.

LOGGING operations underway on NH State Primary Trail 345 in the area of KTS junction 9, where KTS trail 1 comes in. Watch for hidden objects in the snow, logging equipment, and or falling trees. Log Piles change daily. Use Caution. You may FLAG the hazard by carrying some type of flagging material like surveyor ribbon.

Trail conditions change quickly and riders should NOT rely on this webpage! It takes time to get the webpage updated.

Required repair work had been done this Fall on some of the Club's Trails. 
Trail Brush trimming was been worked on and Bridge repairs were done too.
2 Pictures just below are of the Bridge that needed repair in 2014 
on KTS Trail 1 which is adjacent to Poverty Plains Road 

Pictures from Oct & Nov 2013 were taken on KTS Trail 6A in Daisy Hollow.
 -- Click on an image to view it larger

KTS Trail 1 Bridge Repair work done on December 21, 2014

Bridge needing repair found in early October 2013

Repair work done on November 24, 2013


Maintenance that was done to KTS Trails for the 2012-2013 season

Trail 345, north of Jct. 9, Bridge was enhanced by removing a Beaver Dam



A Change that was done on a KTS Trail for the 2011-2012 season

On KTS Trail 1, a bridge which is just a bit south of 
KTS Trail Jct 8. (where Trail 1 and Trail 3 meet) required replacement.


2010 - 2011 Trail Mods

Trail 3 had a segment that was relocated to a new route west of Knights Meadow Marsh's body of water. This relocation also moved Jct. 17 to a new spot (N43.31721, W71.75715) about 600 feet west of its previous location. This relocated section of Trail 3 has 5 new bridges. Each one spans a small seasonal water stream. The northerly end of the new section of Trail 3 meets Trail 3A at a new point about 750 feet east from Trail 3A's former intersection with Trail 3. This former segment of Trail 3A is now part of Trail 3. 
Trail 3A now "starts or ends" where it meets the new relocated section of Trail 3. 
This new point is just a few feet west of a Bridge on former Trail 3A.

Trail 2 was extended from the former Jct. 17 location to the new Jct. 17 point. The new extended section of Trail 2 is the same trail section that was previously part of Trail 3. (This is from the previous Jct. 17 location where Trail 2 previously "started or ended" to the new Jct. 17 location.)

Trail 1 had a short segment that was relocated onto the side of Brown Road. Heading Northerly, this segment is just before the trail crosses Mason Hill Road and onto 
Lull Trace Road. This was due to a new home built beside the trail's former location.

Trail 1C (shown only on the 2009 map) has been closed.


Grooming Photos - Click on photo to view a larger image
Grooming Photos from the 2010-2011 Season

At intersection of Trails 5 & 5A
Heading from Trail 5A onto Bear Pond Road, Trail 5

At intersection of Trails 5 & 5A
Heading North on Bear Pond Road, Trail 5

Allie Grooming Trail 4  on  January 26

KTS's new Tucker Snow Cat Groomer 

Grooming on Trail 3 near Little Hill Road

Grooming Trail 2 near Burbank Mills Recreation Area

Grooming Trail 8C on Kearsarge Mt Road

Grooming Trail 8C on Kearsarge Mt Road

Top of Trail 8C on Kearsarge Mt Road
Grooming Photos from the 2008-2009 Season

Approaching Sisco Corner on Cunningham Pond Road
Trail 7

At Sisco Corner - Trail Jct. 19
Heading down Wiggins Trace, onto Trail 7B

These Photos taken at various locations along the trail system -- Click on any photo for a larger image

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