The KTS Club thanks landowners for 
the use of their land for trails.

The Kearsarge Trail Snails Snowmobile Club maintains about 100 miles of trails in and around Warner, NH. The focal point is Mt. Kearsarge, which can be approached from a variety of directions, all eventually converging to our Trail 8. Much work was done back in the Fall of 1998 on the trails leading to and through the "dugout" on Sawyer Hill, which allows us to take all of our grooming equipment right up to the mountain. The Club grooms Trail 8C, the Auto Road, with its magnificent vistas, to the parking lot about a half mile short of Kearsarge's summit. There's a hiking trail to the summit from there--steep, rocky, icy, and ungroomed--but worth the effort when the conditions are right. The 360-degree views let you take in everything from the Presidential Range, to the Green Mountains, to Monadnock and the flatlands to the south and east. At the bottom of the Auto Road, Trail 8 continues up and over to Gage Hill, where the Sutton club takes over.

Heading south from the mountain area, State Primary Trail #345 and continuing south on our Trail 1 will take you all the way to the Warner River, where our 185' suspension bridge gets you across the Warner River and into Contoocook. Or, you can stay on Trail 345 which crosses Pumpkin Hill and takes you down into town, across the Warner River through the Covered Bridge, and then out into the Mink Hills and then connects with State Primary Trail 380 in Henniker. Look for Trail 4C or Trail 4D (which connects to 4C) at the bottom of Pumpkin Hill and take trail 4C over to Exit 9 for gas and food.

State Primary Trail 345 heading northeast from the mountain area takes you to the eastern edge of the KTS trail system, the Blackwater River. Primarily on U.S. Government property, the Blackwater trails meander along both sides of the river, with KTS primarily responsible for the west side of the river and the
Andover Snowmobile Club responsible for the east side. When heading Easterly on State Primary Trail 345 turning left at Trail Jct. 12 onto Trail 2B takes you over Mill Brook. Groomers from both clubs overlap on the way towards Salisbury. Turning right you then  can head south on the west side of the river on Trail 2 from Trail Jct. 13. There's a road bridge either way that can get you safely to the east side of the river or you can stay on the west side, traveling south all the way to the Blackwater Dam, across Lake Winnepocket, conditions permitting, and back to Warner using various other trails. Trail 2 south also intersects with Trail 3, at Jct. 10, near the flood control dike at the bottom of Little Hill, which goes towards Knights Meadow. Continue along Trail 3 adjacent to Knight's Meadow and you'll eventually wind up back on Trail 1  at Trail Jct. 8 on its way to Contoocook.

To the west, we groom smooth and wide on Class VI Town roads through the Mink Hills to Henniker. Trail 4 will take you down to Pleasant Pond, right next to Exit 7 off of I-89. Cross the pond, conditions permitting, go under the Interstate highway and then you can turn right at Jct. 20 to go to Contoocook or turn left and come back towards Warner on Trail 1. Farther back on Trail 4, you can take a right onto trail 4A, which is Dummer Road and then head to the Bound Tree Intersection (Jct. 1). Riding on Trail 5 from the Jct.1 and then turning onto Trail 5A is the Bear Pond Bypass.  Trail 6A will take you through Daisy Hollow to Trail 7 where you can either take it to Lake Massasecum or go south on Trail 7 to Liberty Hill and State Primary Trail 380. The
Henniker Trail Travelers do a fine job of grooming as well.



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